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[Brainstormlab 054] Bunai Carus – ‘Veil EP’ (english version)

Fine detail| There has been a lot written about this Netlabel, so we will spare you more introduction. Plus, it is not a secret that we love everything they do … Continua llegint

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May the electro be with you! Boris Divider retrospective

Electro | Boris Divider is a Madrid based artist making electro from 15 years ago. He was always linked to the dark and robotic electro scene, influenced by the first … Continua llegint

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[english] Podcast Semantica Records

Techno | The following podcast is about the Madrid based label, Semantica Records, which have a very strong identity linked to the industrial and dark techno, sometimes with syncopated rhythms. … Continua llegint

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[english] Ilian Tape, techno techno, Stenny

Techno | Illian Tape is a label  dedicated to a deep, dark and percusive techno which it could be placed between Axis (Jeff Mills) from Detroit and Downwards and Dynamic … Continua llegint

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[Free Music Archive] Lazer Boy – Come on let’s be druids

Discovery | Great record uploaded this 2013 in the USA platform of free music: Free Music Archive. Little can be explained about this band named Lazer Boy because little info I’ve found … Continua llegint

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Early Beats (1974-1985)

This new mixtape is some kind of historical view on the common origins of both hip-hop and techno at the beginning of the 1980’s in what was called at the … Continua llegint

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[19-23 march] Cau d’Orella 2013: Barcelona Electronic Music Meeting

Meeting | Unfortunately I’ve never been able to attend the lasts editions of Cau d’Orella [Barcelona Electronic Music Meeting]. This year I have set for myself the goal to be in Barcelona and go. … Continua llegint

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Shadow Huntaz “Stop Pushin”: Funckarma + Metalogic mc

Crew | While researching Shadow Huntaz, it has not become clear to me when is born and who developes it. It is clear appears linked to the famous electronic label Skam and it finally publishes 7 releases. However, there … Continua llegint

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Junichi Akagawa – “I, All Things” (Hz-records)

Micro | That’s the penultimate release of the Japanese Label Hz-records. It’s devoted body and soul to the sound of the mythical german label, Raster Noton. Therefore, clicks, rough textures, crunchy sounds, sorround … Continua llegint

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El Chavo / Strand feat. Soarse Spoken “Unauthorized split” (Galleta Records)

Galleta | This release is involved in a range of  singles published by the Barcelona based microlabel Galleta Records since 2005. A label which it owns the participation of artists … Continua llegint

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Plusplus – “Game Over” (La Bèl Netlabel)

Beauty |  PlusPlus “Game Over” it’s a psych-folk project with loops, reverberations, acoustic guitars and other instruments. It’s an entrance into trance on a journey across melancholic states and natural beauty. … Continua llegint

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Anonym – “Another Day At The Factory” (Archipel)

 Introspective | Dissonàncies begin the new English area with a historical label related to techno music, Archipel. Go to this label means get lost with the quality techno and perfect productions. … Continua llegint

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