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[Brainstormlab 054] Bunai Carus – ‘Veil EP’ (english version)

bunaiFine detail| There has been a lot written about this Netlabel, so we will spare you more introduction. Plus, it is not a secret that we love everything they do starting with their aesthetic line.

Bunai Carus is a French electronic duo from Montpellier who has just released an EP called ‘Veil’. Its 5 tracks show intense emotions and electronic attention to detail, multi-layered with different elements reflecting the excellent production behind it. On “Veil” you can find a mixture of dark atmospheres and complex rhythms built on glitches. It is simply an exquisite release.

Download: ( ZIP File)
Netlabel: Brainstormlab

Bunai Carus “LUCID” – Official Video from Bunai Carus on Vimeo.




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