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May the electro be with you! Boris Divider retrospective

Electro | Boris BorisDividerDivider is a Madrid based artist making electro from 15 years ago. He was always linked to the dark and robotic electro scene, influenced by the first Detroit classics from 80’s, and at a time with Gods as Kraftwerk, Afrika Bambaataa or even the EBM. In general, could be said he connects at the heart with all those artists who appeared ever since mid-nineties.

With an unpolluted, clean, dark and introspective sound, Boris Divider take us to a futuristic imaginary, with machines, spacecrafts and pure mathematics, full of uncertainty, doubts and sometimes uncomfortable. So, a courious character who has been built a place in the international electro scene and collaborates with labels as Semantica, Fundamental (from Alek Stark), Satamile or his own label, DriveCom.

You can visit the DriveCom web to listen some of his material and to see his evolution. Below I post some songs and albums that I’m really passionate about. Here it comes also the last album released by Fundamental with an atmosphere more cold, minimalist and industrial that it could be linked with german labels as Raster Noton.




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