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[19-23 march] Cau d’Orella 2013: Barcelona Electronic Music Meeting

cauorella-logodefMeeting | Unfortunately I’ve never been able to attend the lasts editions of Cau d’Orella [Barcelona Electronic Music Meeting]. This year I have set for myself the goal to be in Barcelona and go.

What is Cau d’Orella? It’s an electronic music meeting spread through different spaces of Barcelona, exactly 10. The important thing for me it’s that there isn’t megastars. In this way, the organisers support a humble meeting but with great quality. In short, I think the real intention would be create a electronic local scene.

Besides, I’m fascinated by the strategy designed by the organisers: the clear commitment for the artits but also for the microlabels, the netlabels… Thus, the record fair will be a good moment to know the differents labels of the present electronic music scene of Barcelona and all the varied tactics to tackle the issue of music difussion. In addition, the differents workshops which they are programmed can be also an useful ingredient.

The program is clear and the labels also. Thus, catalan labels as dicontinu records, lovethecaos, spa.rk, pendriverec, bankkrobber, parabollic, low to, disboot, galleta… will be present. Furthermore, another intersting thing it’s that can be sense the comrades of Cau d’Orella have a certain interest to do as a link between the diverse ways to deal the issue of music spread and distribution.

Anyway, Cau d’Orella is really a good moment to listen a good few quality musical projects related to electronic music and Barcelona city.

Check its WEB.


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