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Shadow Huntaz “Stop Pushin”: Funckarma + Metalogic mc

shadow huntazCrew
 | While researching Shadow Huntaz, it has not become clear to me when is born and who developes it. It is clear appears linked to the famous electronic label Skam and it finally publishes 7 releases. However, there are other releases like “Stop Pushin” that it is not related to Skam, and which is free download. Anyway, Shadow Huntaz would be an experimental hip hop project crew linked to differents mc’s and electronic music producers.

Stop Pushin” has 2 versions of the same, a version with mc and an instrumental version. The holland brothers and cracks of  electronics music, Don and Roel Funcken with the guest mc  Metalogic are the masters of ceremonies of this great hip hop/IDM record.

As regards this two brothers it may be said that they produce electronic music in large quantities. Besides, you can listen them with differents alter egos according to the project. So, names as FunckarmaQuench or the solo project Roel Funcken are the example to see how they move easily from name to name within the IDM electronics borders.

Descarrega: [ZIP]
Release: Bandcamp
Web/Artist: Funckarma


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