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El Chavo / Strand feat. Soarse Spoken “Unauthorized split” (Galleta Records)

chavoGalleta | This release is involved in a range of  singles published by the Barcelona based microlabel Galleta Records since 2005. A label which it owns the participation of artists as Niño, Diploide, El Gremio, El Chavo, Strand, among others. Its music is between the boundaries of  hip hop, however generally the influence of funky has a special presence in most of its productions. I recommend go to its Bandcamp because in general the records are high level. I think one of the best hip hop labels from Barelona.

I love this record: El Chavo / Strand feat. Soarse SpokenUnauthorized split” both the A side of El Chavo and the B side of  Strand. The sample of Irma Thomas is brilliant and the beat is a real leg breaker, move is guaranteed. In adition having Soarse Spoken (from Miami based label Beta Bodega/Botanica del Jibaro) as MC is flow guaranteed.

[ZIP file]
Release: Bandcamp
Label: Galleta Records

Two songs, two musicians and one mc. On one side, a Cat Power remix by Strand, and on the other side, a track with a sample from Irma Thomas by El Chavo. In both tracks Soarse Spoken (from Botánica del Jíbaro collective) raps.
Limited and numbered edition of 519 records. Offset printed cover with screen printed typographic logo over the offset print.
Screen-printing in five colours:
– Red (150 covers)
– Black (150 covers)
– Kakie green (100 covers)
– Orange (75 covers)
– Brown (25 covers)
– Freestyle covers mixing inks and random printing (19 covers)
Labels printed by hand with stencil and spray paint.//

released 02 February 2007

In GLmag’s recent interview with Thes One, he derided the impersonality of virtual communities, especially as it pertains to musicians/bands. While I understand the importance of face-to-face communication and partnerships built upon handshakes, if it wasn’t for the Internet we wouldn’t have had the Foreign Exchange LP (feat. Nicolay & Phonte of Little Brother.) But as is the case with most things in this world, there’s a fertile middle ground where weaknesses are supported by strengths, a place where Yin and Yang share drinks at the bar. For the 2nd 7″ release by the Spain-based Galleta Records, this middle ground has produced some of the finest European Hip-Hop we’ve had the pleasure of hearing this year.

Spanish beatmakers El Chavo and Strand team up with MC Soarse Spoken (of the Botánica del Jíbaro Collective) for a 7″ split of organically influenced Boom-bap. Lyrically, Soarse Spoken has a vocal tone and cadence similar to Slug after a night of binge drinking. On “Esperando,” verses like “Let the depths of a casket soothe me / every step I take seems like a counteractive movement” lay the foundation for a track that could be best described ‘Hip-Hop heartbreak.’ El Chavo’s beat adds to that sentiment by looping up an old Irma Thomas ballad which wails “How many nights I waited for you / When you never never never came around.” But don’t get it twisted, this isn’t a LL Cool J love song, the drum programming is too rugged.

On the flip, Strand remixes the track “Say” by Cat Power. Based on a guitar sample from the original track, he beefs up the bump by slicing in chunky kick drums and stuttering hi-hats. But surprisingly, the melancholic optimism of the original remains intact. This is mostly due to the vocal arrangement where Cat and Soarse ‘trade’ verses, building upon one another despite the obvious time/space issues. When Cat croons “If you’re looking for something easy / You might as well give it up,” Soarse follows up with gems like “Getting this fast change / Life’s not a cash game / The only gain from your goals is not living your past shames.


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